Preempt Inspection Work Orders

July 14, 2015
Preemption of a scheduled work order - This feature causes a scheduled work order to be automatically closed as complete if the exact type of work schedule has already been completed.
How it works - The number of days (X) prior to the inspection period to be considered is set in Options.  If left at zero, this feature is disabled.  X is the value set by you, in Options -> Program Setup -> Scheduled Work Orders -> "Do not created Scheduled Work Orders if procedures was completed in last X days".  If the "Generate Preempted Inspection Work Orders" option is disabled, MediMizer X3 will skip the creation of any work order for a piece of equipment that has had an inspection code that satisfies all inspections types that would be due during the month.  If the options is enabled, it will create the work orders for the piece of equipment, BUT, the work orders will be marked as Closed and have text in the Service Request field noting that the work order was preempted by a prior work order.  Enabled is the best choice for most circumstances.

Concerns - If this feature is used, it is important to use service codes for inspection very specifically.  If an item is serviced in the window (X), and a service code is used that indicate a normally scheduled event was completed, that will cause preemption.  It is a good practice to have a service code to use for a less-complete or basic inspection after service.  "Checked Operation after Service" would be appropriate wording.  Such a code would not preempt a scheduled inspection.

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