Ordr platform can integrate with MediMizer CMMS to automate tasks, and enhance the asset inventory

Ordr can trigger MediMizer CMMS when a device appears on the network, or a high severity vulnerability is discovered on a device. This frees staff from manual processes of tracking devices, which can often have gaps with the sheer volume of unmanaged devices on the network. Inventory management is continuous, and incorporating real-time context about devices into a CMMS is paramount.

Every second ...

... another 127 devices connect to the Internet. That’s 328 million “things” per month. By 2025, we’ll see 75 billion IoT devices. Our objective is to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that they can effectively manage and secure this explosive growth of unmanaged devices in their environment.

We’re focused ...

... on making connected device security simple through our zero touch agentless deployment, one common platform for multiple stakeholders, and automation of policies to secure devices.

With Ordr, you will know exactly what’s connected to the network, in real time, all the time. You will know what’s vulnerable, what’s behaving maliciously and why. You can then automate response for any connected device, and enforce on any networking and security infrastructure.

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We make the complex problem of securing every connected device — from traditional IT devices to newer and more vulnerable IoT, IoMT or OT — simple.

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