MediMizer Software effectively manages medical equipment and their environment.

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Manage PM scheduling
Manage PM completion
Risk management
Asset management
Independent service
Convenient field set-up
Extensive analytics
Compliance success
Report library
Workforce scheduling
Work request gateway
Product integrations
  • PM List
  • Purchase Order
  • Response Over Expected Period – Emergency
  • Response Over Expected Period – Non-Emergency
  • Retired Equipment List
  • Scheduled Inspection Due
  • Scheduled Summary By Class
  • Scheduled Summary By Department
  • Scheduled Summary By Facility
  • Scheduled With Work Performed
  • Service Codes List
  • Service Nouns List
  • Services Performed By Department
  • Service Performed By Department With Costs
  • Team Load Hours Cross-tab
  • Ten Most Expensive Repairs
  • Unscheduled Summary By Department
  • Unscheduled Summary By Facility
  • Vendor Services
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Work Load By Servicer And Month
  • Work Load Inspection Schedule
  • Work Load List
  • Work Order Completion Statistics By Assigned Employee
  • Work Order Count By Month Graph
  • Work Order Opened/Closed Count By Month And Wo Type
  • Reserved Parts
  • Part Inventory Value
  • Adjusted Inventory Listing
  • Area List
  • Area Service History
  • Area-Project Report
  • Check Procedures
  • Department List
  • Department Report
  • Equipment Listing (3 line)
  • Equipment Listing (8 line)
  • Equipment Listing (full)
  • Equipment Service History
  • Inspection Schedule Report
  • Manufacturer List
  • Missing Equipment Report
  • Order Report
  • Part Inventory Report
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Print Work Orders Report
  • Productivity Report
  • Reorder Report
  • Vendor List
  • Work Order Report
  • Work Order Service History
  • Work Request
  • Worksheet of Scheduled Work Orders
  • Estimated Equipment Replacement Costs by Year
  • Missing Equipment
  • Equipment Listings (many formats)
  • Monthly Department Reports (many formats)
  • Facility and Customer Reports
  • Work Order Reports and Lists (many formats)
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Reports
  • Customizable Field Service Reports
  • Productivity and Employee Time Reports
  • Quality Indicator Reports (many formats)
  • Annual Product Support Costs
  • Bar Codes For Departments By Facility For Inventory And Add
  • Bar Codes For Equipment
  • Bar Codes For Parts
  • Bar Codes For Service Codes
  • Billing Detail Report By Cost Center
  • Check Procedures
  • Check Procedure Cross Reference
  • Class Inspection Intervals
  • Class Inspections
  • Class Equipment Count
  • Contract Expiration
  • Department Equipment Count
  • Department Load Hours Crosstab
  • Department Service Summary
  • Duplicate Equipment .
  • Duplicate Models
  • Employee Effectiveness Report
  • Employee Hours Summary
  • Employee Service Details
  • Employees With Departments/Facilities
  • Equipment Added And Retired Summary
  • Equipment Check Result History
  • Equipment Inspection Intervals By Department
  • Equipment Interval Exceptions
  • Equipment List – 1 Line By Department
  • Equipment List – 3 Line By Department
  • Equipment List By Model
  • Work Order Notes Search
  • Work Orders With Check Procedures
  • Work Order With Service Information
  • Equipment Service Information
  • Facility Equipment Count
  • Field Service Report (CLOSED)
  • Field Service Report (OPEN)
  • Location History By Control #
  • Location History By Date
  • Model Check Procedures
  • Model Interval Exceptions
  • Missing Equipment
  • Monthly Invoice Summary
  • Monthly Invoice With Details
  • Multiple Repairs In Time Period
  • My Service Details
  • New Equipment List
  • Operator Error And No Problem Found
  • Order Report
  • Parts Used In Work Orders
  • Mobile Tech Application Overview
  • Download work assigned by Employee or Team
  • Download selected Scheduled and Unscheduled
  • Locate Work Orders by:
  • Work Order #, Control #, Facility, Department,
  • Class, Work Order Type, Equipment Type
  • Locate Work Orders by scanning Equipment Barcode
  • Add new Work Orders in the field
  • Add new Parts and Notes in the field
  • Add new Equipment in the field
  • Inventory Process for Equipment and Parts
  • Drop-down pick-lists for data selection include:
  • Employees, Work Statements, Work Cause, Parts
  • Facilities, Departments, Vendors, Classes, Models
  • Web Request System with many configurations
  • Format paging and all request responses
  • Automatic replies to work requests
  • Link web sites, documents, folders, photographs.
  • Model Based equipment data
  • Track Contract Costs
  • Add equipment with PDA or medTester
  • Part File, Ordering, and multiple inventory methods.
  • 2 forms of Markup on material
  • Employee Teams or Trades, Employee Roles
  • Employee Training by provider, class, model, vendor
  • Employee Texting
  • Model Replacement Cost
  • Parts Used displayed by Model
  • Model level service summary
  • Administrative Cost Tracking
  • Evaluates Cost vs Value
  • Features for Plant Operations
  • Barcode Scanning, Barcode Printing
  • Billing and Work Order reports with your logo.
  • iRequestManager available to customers
  • Customer specific labor rates
  • Charge Codes
  • Export to excel for import into A/R
  • Wireless in the field
  • Formatted Work Order Paging
  • Costs Separated from Customer Charges
  • Material Markup
  • Customer and Site specific tax rates
  • Experience in ISO Biomedical Training
  • Experience in setting up for a business
  • User-Defined Risk evaluation and scoring
  • Separation of life-support equipment
  • Preemptive Inspection Work Orders
  • Monitor warranty and contract expiration
  • Predictive inspection workload based on history
  • Test Equipment Support including Fluke Ansur, Datrend and medTester
  • Schedule by Class, Model, Equipment, Facility, System, Department
  • Schedule by Month, Year, Day, Week or Hours
  • Special Scheduling if the above do not apply
  • Check Procedure Editor
  • Text, Numeric or Pass/Fail checks
  • Quick grid entry of equipment
  • Quick grid entry of new work orders
  • Quick grid entry to close work orders 
  • Quick creation of Recalls/Vendor Updates
  • Quick grid entry of hourly usage
  • Power Add bulk work orders or closing data
  • Run one MediMizer with many databases
  • Logout, Timeout or Message specific employees
  • Security and Rights control
  • 50+ User-Defined fields, plus unlimited attributes/specifications
  • SQL Backup, Restore and Shrink options

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