Whatever product you choose, it should have many strong happy references at sites similar to yours. Our references include many hospital biomedical departments, university hospitals, independent service organizations and a few facilities departments. These well represent our large group of sites.
You guys need to setup a conference call with [corporate] and convert us back from [Other product] to MediMizer. I’ve been using MM for SEVERAL years now, and I recently had to change from MM to [Other product] at the behest of [Corporate], and I am very displeased with the software. And actually I’m having to use both systems because the conversion didn’t go well. [Other product] takes a considerable increase in the time to enter and close work orders.
Just upgraded to the new version. All the staff we worked with at MediMizer were outstanding, very helpful, thorough and were always available for questions. MediMizer is easy to use, navigation between fields is quick and well organized saving time with data entry and running reports.
Paul Burt
It’s everything you need in one package
I recommend MediMizer Program due to the flexibility and the wealth of information presented in one screen. And we cannot forget the staff who are very supportive and knowledgeable about their product.
I really Love the Work Order ADD CHECKS! You can add everything all at once! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You (3x for Emphasis). Work Orders that require specific information that inspectors want to see is now much, much easier and faster to enter as results in the Add Checks. Also, important is the Links Tab.
I especially like the Filtered List View and Emailing Reports. In addition to features, I think you should highlight strong customer support. That’s one of the things I have always been impressed with throughout the years.
I would like to really thank you very much for taking my suggestion in MediMizer. You added custom fields that will make our reporting for non inventory items such as rigid scopes very easy.
Thank you for excellent efforts for you and every one to make the user group very informative and fun.

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