Data Migration

MediMizer has been migrating data from competitor products for nearly 4 decades.

In the last few years we have developed new tools and processes to make this a much faster process.

We have two main types of migration.

From raw data
In most cases raw data is a SQL backup provided by your former CMMS developer.
From spreadsheets
Spreadsheets may range from a single equipment list to a half dozen sheets comprising history, parts, personnel and possibly vendors, inspection procedures or other related data.
We will review your data in advance and make a clear plan.
We will ask you to provide a number of screenshots, or we will make these with you. These will cover equipment of various types and schedules. We will try to capture all related data for about 5-10 items. For history, we will capture a mix of corrective and planned maintenance. We will want to see some with vendor work, parts, contract work if applicable, and some other variations. These are used to confirm our mapping and final results.

Request Data Migration Service

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