MediMizer Online

Web-Based Medical Equipment Management and Inspection Solution

MediMizer Online is the web-based version of MediMizer software. MediMizer helps medical equipment technicians accurately monitor safety performance and preventive maintenance inspections. The system’s design is based on clinical environment business rules, providing a systematic, managerial approach to quality control and risk management.

Benefits of a Web-Based Inspection System

One annual payment covers everything
Easy to calculate, no worries about additional cost.
Easy Implementation
Support helps you login and shows you your online desktop and shared drive. Support will explain the options on your desktop, show you how to use your shared drive to access files from online or your computer and show you the features available to you.
You are always under support
All upgrades are included during the period you are an online user.
Increased Accessibility and Productivity
MediMizer Online allows you to access your software from the internet, making it easily accessible anywhere at any time. Information is immediately available across the globe.
Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day
RAID technology ensures the security of your data, reducing the risk of loss. In addition, your data is backed up nightly. Because service level access is maintained at 98.5%, a user will seldom, if ever, experience an inability to access their data. Upgrades are performed in a short period on weekends.
Ownership of Data
Data remains the property of the User. A full online backup is available in your shared folder within a day of your request. If a User chooses not to renew, the data is returned to the User in readable data formats at no additional charge.

MediMizer Online

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