Support Renewal

Is your support ending soon?

Support renewal is offered by MediMizer Software for our products

Our staff specialize in software use, installation and reporting.

Please call  for pricing, or contact us by email.
Premier Compliance support recognizes you need to keep up with the business and compliance requirements. All maintenance releases are included with MediMizer’s quick responses to new regulations. Premier compliance support will also include 5 hours during the supported year to use for non-support activities, such as data changes, reporting and web training. At busy times, Premier support callers will be in a priority queue when all else is equal. (If part of your system is down, please notify us.) We have experienced staff who understand hospital compliance and know MediMizer in depth. Long term staff retention is key to quality support.
At this time Standard (non-phone, email support) is only available in a limited list of countries. We will notify you if this is an option.
MediMizer 12 support was sold until 7/31/2012. Sentinel support ended prior to that. While we will never avoid answering a question when we know the answer, we realize that as more and more users move to MediMizer 15, we have less current memory of MediMizer 12 and Sentinel features. We also find that the older protocols are not well supported by new operating systems and hardware. If you are using MediMizer 12 or Sentinel Software, please contact us for an upgrade. Sentinel in particular needs to be migrated by our company. We own the Sentinel code and have the only comprehensive migration with no data loss.
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