Recalculate Work Orders - related information

July 14, 2015
We recommend running recalculation of work order related information after a months work has been completely entered and before it is reported.
What does it do - Recalculate work orders reprocesses all services as if they were removed and re added in date and time order.  This has the affect of being sure all current rules are applied and all dates are updated correctly.  In theory, this may have no effect on data.  But in the case where rules were changed and not applied correctly, or if a new update has been installed, it can make an important correction of data.   Changes to service code rules or equipment status settings would be examples of rules that would be applied correctly to work orders in the period recalculated.  There are also some special cases when the work order "overdue" flag will be set correctly by this function.
"Recalculate" option is under the "Manager" menu.

In this form, ensure that the first option "Recalculate Work Orders - related Information" is enabled.  You can select either of the related options "All Work Orders" or "Work Orders change on or after X".  Keep in mind that the first option will take a lot longer time to process as it will review all work orders in your database.  If you want to process a specific time forward, such as last month, you will select the second option and specify the first of the previous month.  The other options available on the Recalculate form can be left on or off as you deem necessary.  "Recalculate Average Time..." is also a good tool to run monthly.

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