Installation - One Server or Multiple

Please contact MediMizer Support for more information.

February 13, 2014

* Installing on one server or multiple servers.
1. You can use one server or many.
2. One server makes management of MediMizer easier in some cases.
3. Multiple server allows each to perform its particular task well and for security to be appropriate for the function of the server.
4. Our servers are: (1) MS SQL Server, (2) network shared folder file server, (3) iRM Web Portal, and (4) Messaging Server.
5. If running MMS on the same server, be sure to set the check speed to something reasonable - like 5 minutes.  Having it 1 minute or 0 minutes (5 seconds) can eat up a lot of time.  There is a MMS config file in the main MM X3 folder that controls the check speed.  You must restart MMS in the Services control panel for the new speed to take effect.
6. For 25+ users, they may want to separate the SQL Server from the iRM web and MMS servers for speed.  And of course they may want to get SQL Server Standard or Enterprise edition instead of SQL Express.
7. We also support virtualization (VMware, Virtual Server, etc.).  So one approach to failover is have another physical server take over if one goes down.  One advantage of a virtual server is that allocated memory is actually available memory.  (On a regular server, available RAM varies a lot.)

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