Would you spend 20 million dollars on software?

Many times we think that a more expensive product it rather be better, and this is not the case, this is called the placebo effect in marketing, this effect shows that our brain associates a higher-priced product with a better quality product because the consumer usually has a very high expectation and the brain is conditioned to fulfill it.

August 24, 2022

According to Becker's Health It, the state of Connecticut has scrapped a software program it spent $20 million developing that was intended to exchange health information and was run by the University of Connecticut, despite the high amount of money that was used in the development and that was promised to be an excellent project for the health system, the Office of Health Strategy canceled the project permanently. At the moment, Connie (Connecticut Health Information Exchange) is using the same software that was developed for the Maryland health system which costs $1 million a year, which is less than what they spent to develop their own system, but, in the end, it is still a high cost.

A hospital information management system doesn’t necessarily have to cost millions of dollars to be excellent, and at MediMizer we have demonstrated an experienced vendor can create affordable software and develop projects tailored to the client which can include from an equipment inventory to IoMT security solutions with really great prices and, above all, excellent results.

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