MediMizer, Inc. September 1, 2011

MediMizer staff have work with the CMMS since the 1980s. Legacy is experience and knowing what you are doing.

September 1, 2011

MediMizer was purchased from TISCOR, Inc. in July 2011 and MediMizer, Inc. was formed September 2011 to expand development of the software line. MediMizer software is licensed in over 600 hospitals. Most customers are using the current software version and many others continue to migrate from MediMizer 12 or Sentinel. Many new customers waited for the sale to be complete and then purchased new licenses as they had done the research and knew we have the best structured product.
MediMizer Inc. is an S corporation. We have a group of investors and advisers which include people with decades in biomed, our attorneys, CPAs and accountants. We have long term and short term plans based on studied projections. The plans carry us out 5 years with plans for development and support. Other than the advisers and investors, we have full staff for support and development. Profits are being reinvested in the growth of the company and the products.
The transition plan with TISCOR was created to move resources and commitments through the end of 2011. This was done to split the work as the transition occurs and be sure the customers are taken care of. This plan allowed us to concentrate on support first, then ramp up development in 2012, all well-funded.
We will continue to be the established best product through the next decade. Only a couple other companies are devoted to biomedical software as their focus and not a sideline. It is honorable competition for them to try and stay ahead of us. Our combined experience with MediMizer and biomed is well over 75 years.
You can not safely run a biomedical department without true biomedical software. For nearly 3 decades, MediMizer has been developed based on the needs of biomedical user and this tradition will continue.

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