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March 20, 2017

If you are not sure what it means, ask and we will update the explanation.
Quick Carry Notes [x] Carry Notes on Work Order and Service Tabs to Carry notes entry to next row.
Customer would like to be able to view equipment inspection intervals from the equipment list views and have the ability to print into a report. [Part of this is already in progress.]
Used Part - Record Serial# and Lot# when required, One service can have 5 Lot#s on 5 batteries in worst case
Can we list view the audit trail

  • Reports on web and fast download
  • Move the parts image over to parts file

Features Under Consideration

  • Graphical Calendar showing schedule and workload
  • Displays across multiple monitors.

Work Order

  • Recall Generator - Choose a model or models with serial number ranges. Review list.  Uncheck or Check items to be recalled.  Create recall work orders.
  • Option to make more fields required in the work order form.
  • Allow work order user-defined check boxes to be checked in work order.
  • Supervisor view of all work, open and recently closed.
  • Each work orders status can have an expected period for delivery.

(i.e. 2 Hours for urgent, 2 days for routine, 2 weeks for non-critical)

  • Work Order Date Due changed to a Date and Time
  • Improved layout for Inspection Due listing
  • Option to not allow free text in work order status
  • Option to not allow free text in user defined list fields
  • Option to always update equipment location when work order location is changed
  • Quick Entry, Work Order, Power Add: (Serial Number Ranges; Software Version)
  • Reserve a part.
  • Add a check procedure.
  • Add more filtering to support recalls.
  • Option to default to empty work order request and service dates.
  • Record of who was informed by text or email.
  • Survey follow up after work is complete
  • Notify Customer of work progress (after changes or at intervals)
  • Scan button on the work order form
  • Easy view of “my work” – Work not done and work done, by day showing hours.
  • Easier checkout of part to work order, technician, department or vendor
  • Links from Equipment, Model, Class, Area can be viewed in Work Order.
  • Links from Work Order can be viewed in Equipment or Area they apply to when viewing history.
  • When service date entry is before requested on entry, add to the error message, “Service date cannot be before request date” the ability to change the request date from the message.”
  • Two Alternate Work Orders to print from work order file.
  • Option to Automatically mark Significant Failure for all check failures
  • Long Text Check Steps.
  • Check Text form option (Document to print in lieu of Checks)
  • Allow inspection type more than once on a Class / Model / Equipment
  • Battery or Part replacements scheduled and tied to reporting
  • Schedule events in order – Tech A PM1, Tech B PM2, etc.
  • Report and display Team schedules
  • Add procedure to Power Add Work Orders
  • Value outside numeric range must fail, do not allow change to Pass
  • Date Due based on Days, Months or Weeks (Duration)
  • Require specific check procedures
  • No Pass/Fail for text check
  • No cycle date required in department if there is a cycle date in facility

MediMizer Web Work Order (Add-On)

  • Smart handling of barcode scan. (Jump to next field, Open related work order.)
  • MMWeb WO – Timer with start and stop time.
  • Hide fields in MediMizer Web
  • One page MediMizer Web (no tabs) ???
  • Support assignment to a team or vendor

MediMizer Web Equipment (Add-On)

  • Add equipment and related tables in a web format.

Check Procedures

  • In check procedure setup, require some specific check procedures to be answered
  • Battery or Part replacements scheduled and tied to part file and reporting
  • Automatically create part reserved part or part order for parts needed for scheduled part replacements
  • From Class or Model, Click on procedure name to open and edit. If other classes or models are affected, inform the employee, “This procedure is used in 23 classes.  Changing this procedure will affect all of those classes.  If you wish to change only the procedure for this class, make a new procedure and copy the checks from this procedure before making changes.
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