iOT and MediMizer

Medigate, Asimily, Ordr, Cynerio. We are working with GE as well and integrate with AeroScout through some interfaces.

January 8, 2024

Early warnings will result from connecting patient devices to EHR. Connecting to iOT products is MediMizer's first step into this arena. This permits the automatic gathering of data from iOT platforms (such as xxx). It is important to bring these product into inventory, and evaluate how patient data will be protected while allowing appropriate access to devices patient data. It is also important to evaluate how vulnerable a device is to tampering while connected to the internet.

Healthcare RTLS & IoT (Internet of Things)

Healthcare RTLS & IoT (Internet of Things)

Healthcare Security: How To Deploy IoT Securely

Inventory of medical devices.
Predictive Maintenance?
Patient data in EHR

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