Healthcare Technology Management

Departments are often known as Biomedical Engineering or Clinical Engineering and perform repair of medical equipment.

December 30, 2016

What does the department do?

  • Maintain Equipment Data
  • Work Orders, Unscheduled, Service
  • Work Orders, Scheduled
  • Parts and Materials
  • Contract Management and Negotiation
  • Purchase equipment, materials and services


  • Patient Safety
  • Costs
  • Reliability

Compliance and Standards

  • TJC, The Joint Commission
  • DNS, others
  • State

Policies and Procedures support these functions.

  • Occupied beds, surgeries, inpatient count, outpatient visits, costs of operation.
  • Total cost of medical equipment inventory
  • Total cost of building
  • Total income
  • Total cost of maintenance
  • Total cost per cost center
  • MTBF, Mean Time Between Failure
  • Completion of tasks within a safe period
  • Uptime
  • Employee use of time
  • Contract costs

Issues to deal with

  • Independent evaluation standard for determining inspection program
  • Mergers affecting hospitals and data
  • Access of information to all parties that repair equipment


  • Are there fewer hospitals in the US, in the world?
  • Are there fewer beds in the US, in the world?
  • How many hospitals single, 2-10, 11-40, 41+ in group


  • Reason equipment is needed
  • Alternatives to purchasing (sharing, leasing, other alternatives)
  • Compared to extending life
  • Affect on income, customer acquisition
  • Lower other costs, efficiency, productivity

Supreme Court Decisions

  • Access to Parts, Training, Documentation
  • Electronic Records?

Risk Factors

  • Likelihood of failure causing negative outcome
  • Failure is not Noticeable
  • Availability of Replacement

Mitigating factors

  • System has reliable self-check
  • System has long model-wide history without failure
  • System will not operate in failed state.
  • Failure is easily mitigated by human action (i.e. using another thermometer)
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