Dreamforce 2014 Focused on Cloud Development

The second largest trade show in San Francisco

October 17, 2014

I just returned from Dreamforce.  Dreamforce is hosted in San Francisco and was attended by 150,000 people interested in cloud computing.  I attended a number of sessions which opened my eyes to new development.  One session was on phone and device apps.  The message was make them small and an app is not a tiny version of a computer.  Apps need to meet just the immediate customer need.
Dreamforce was about programming in the cloud.  Speaking to one of our hospitals about the cloud, the equipment manager said, "we just invested 35 million dollars in our storage, I don't think they are looking to move data off site".
MediMizer, Inc. has polled hospitals many years, and we have found up to now, Microsoft SQL Server is the preferred method of storing data.  Sites also have Oracle but find SQL more affordable.
More and more, our users are storing data on virtual servers.  I am wondering if SQL and virtual servers will become more like the cloud in allowing secure commands to cross the entire structure, making it easier to gather data from many sources without compromising security.
MediMizer will be keeping an eye on new storage technology and how we can take advantage of it.

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