If you are not sure what it means, ask and we will update the explanation.
Quick Carry Notes [x] Carry Notes on Work Order and Service Tabs to Carry notes entry to next row.
Customer would like to be able to view equipment inspection intervals from the equipment list views and have the ability to print into a report. [Part of this is already in progress.]
Used Part - Record Serial# and Lot# when required, One service can have 5 Lot#s on 5 batteries in worst case
Can we list view the audit trail

Features Under Consideration

Work Order

(i.e. 2 Hours for urgent, 2 days for routine, 2 weeks for non-critical)

MediMizer Web Work Order (Add-On)

MediMizer Web Equipment (Add-On)

Check Procedures

* Change equipment status or condition
* Change equipment location (Central Sterilization for example)
* Simple tool to document department equipment tests

Datrend? Rigel? Fluke? Pronk?
Interfacing allows work schedules to be sent to the device and closing data to be returned.

What new reports do you need?
What is wrong or unclear or missing in current reports?
What features do you want added to list views?  (Summary, Grouping, etc.)
* Please email or fax reporting layout suggestions

How can we make it easier for technicians to enter information about work performed. All ideas needed.

What do you need to know about the availability of your employees?
How do you inform an employee of new immediate work?
When and how do you want to be informed about an employee's response to or receipt of that work notice?
* Please install 13.7 and look at current employee status feature.

What are you doing to use Manufacturer based procedures in MediMizer.  What would you like MediMizer to do or change to help you.

MediMizer 14 currently adding primary, secondary, tertiary servicer.  Next step will notify the next servicer and/or transfer to next servicer.

There is also a possible need for supervisor notification, which would be more permanent and in the employee file.

Tell us if you seek this automatic escalation or notification and how it would work for you.  You do not need to describe it in terms of MediMizer.  We will learn from a description of how you handle this now or how you want to handle it.
Can a team or vendor be the party escalated from or next notified?
Should we automatically reassign the work order or only notify the next party in line?

What vendor?  Do you have RTLS now?  Plans?

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