We have GoToMeeting for meetings and demos. GoToAssist is available for support. GoToWebinar is used to host our webinars. We already use a VOIP phone service. In April calls slowed but now are back to normal levels.

MediMizer is currently working with Fluke medTester and Datrend V-Pad and 601.
We have completed and are testing a link to Fluke ANSUR which will allow us to work with many Fluke analyzers.
Some Pronk equipment works with the Datrend link and we are discussing with them interfacing to other equipment.
Rigel has attended MediMizer user group and we are in early discussions regarding an interface.
Please email sales and let them know which products you need us to link to for your benefit.

The MediMizer interface to Fluke Ansur device software is scheduled to release during the last quarter of 2015.   The new interface allows MTT files to be linked to scheduled procedures.  The procedure can call Ansur from an inspection service and return the results into history.  The data can be analyzed and reported down to the level of specific readings.  Only MediMizer supports this level of detailed reporting.
Email Sales@MediMizer.com to receive more information. 

Question - 1  
Do you agree with this statement: Rejected water from Osmosis can be reused for gardening, but should not be used back in the water system where the higher partical content will wear out filters. ?

Nowadays, taking care of one’s health has never been the same. In fact, more technologies are introduced now and then to empower everybody to look after one’s well being. Among the interesting gadgets that may play a big role in the future’s cardiovascular medicine are the wireless sensors. They can be employed using simple “smart band aids” monitored by Blackberry and iPhone devices. They can check a person’s vital signs and that includes respiratory rate, heart rate and pulse rate. It is interesting to note that you can now have mobile electrocardiogram using these simple sensor devices. It can also update you with your present temperature and extra cellular fluid volume. This means, you can have all the essential data that you need without necessarily going to a clinic or hospital. All you have to do is to apply the “Smart Bandage’ on your chest which will serve as the sensor to get all the data for you. All information will be sent to your iPhone making it very convenient to get all the physiologic readings that you need.

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