About MediMizer and PartsSource

MediMizer is an independent biomedical and facilities software company that developed the leading CMMS or “computerized maintenance management software” used for clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, facilities, environmental departments in hospitals as well as the biomedical service organizations that service hospitals.

PartsSource is the world’s largest provider of medical replacement products and services, with over 4 million parts and services that extend across more than 3,000 suppliers in the industry. PartsSource partners with leading healthcare organizations to maximize medical equipment uptime and utilization through the only comprehensive managed service designed to empower clinical engineering leaders with the people, processes and technology to achieve high-performance HTM.

Why have MediMizer & PartsSource decided to partner together?

Clinical Engineers and Technicians can spend significant amount of time during their day shopping for parts.  To streamline the part sourcing and purchasing, MediMizer and PartsSource have created a Lite integration between the MediMizer CMMS and PartsSource.com.  This integration provides your biomed technicians with a simple, single-click access to easily find and source parts and equipment they need to repair and improve equipment uptime.

What is the Lite integration search feature and what are the key benefits it provides?

The Lite integration provides clinical engineers with easy access to the parts and services from within MediMizer’s work-order or inventory features.   By providing integration from MediMizer to PartsSource.com, your biomed department can:

How does the Lite Integration differ from the standard integration?

The Lite integration provides a simple search capability between systems without any IT or connectivity challenges.  Customers using the Lite Integration will get an immediate pathway into the search experience in PartsSource.com. The standard integration is a much more robust integration designed for enterprise customers that would like to connect the CMMS more extensively and PartsSource products.   The standard integration supports SSO (Single Sign-On) and can share additional data sets including part cost and purchasing data between systems for advanced reporting but requires additional IT resources to implement.

I understand that my PartsSource rep can help me negotiate better pricing on parts I need. What do I need to do to get this assistance?

To help ensure that you get the best possible pricing for the parts you are purchasing, MediMizer has created reports that you can send to your PartsSource rep and obtain their help negotiating the price. You can access these reports and next steps information by going to the “Parts” section and clicking on the “PartsSource” submenu.

Do I need to create a registration with PartsSource purchase products? Is this process time consuming?

Technicians can search the PartsSource.com catalog for products without registering.  However, to purchase products, technicians will need to register.  Registering with PartsSource is fast and easy.  Technicians can register with us once you click on the quick link in MediMizer or by going to the PartsSource website here: https://www.partssource.com/register. You simply insert your basic contact information and you are all set.

Does it cost anything to register with PartsSource?

No, it is completely free to register with PartsSource.

Who do I speak with if I have questions about how to register with PartsSource?

PartSource’s Customer Care team members are dedicated to providing support to our customers across a variety of help topics. You can speak to a customer care representative with questions about registering and/or our suite of products and services, by calling: 877-497-6412.

Who do I speak with at MediMizer if I have questions about this feature or if I have questions?

MediMizer’s Support department is available to answer any questions you have about this new feature. You can reach them via phone, by calling: 760-642-2008 or by emailing: Support@MediMizer.com

We have added many new features and enhancements to our software since last year’s MD Expo. MediMizer listens to our customers. Our software is ideal for compliance inspection, scheduling equipment PM's, replacement and recall notifications, updating work orders using mobile devices through a web browser. See Gus Sakis, Vice President of Sales, at the show or contact him anytime, 760-642-2001, Gus@MediMizer.com

North Carolina Biomedical Association's 37th Annual Symposium, September 9-11, 2015, Charlotte,NC.
Embassy Suites Resort & Conference Center, 5400 John Q. Hammons Drive NW Concord, NC 28027

Our presenter will be placing the spotlight on MediMizer Web Work Order, Dashboard Reporting, and interfaces such as medTester, Datrend vPad and Fluke Ansur.


I just returned from Dreamforce.  Dreamforce is hosted in San Francisco and was attended by 150,000 people interested in cloud computing.  I attended a number of sessions which opened my eyes to new development.  One session was on phone and device apps.  The message was make them small and an app is not a tiny version of a computer.  Apps need to meet just the immediate customer need.
Dreamforce was about programming in the cloud.  Speaking to one of our hospitals about the cloud, the equipment manager said, "we just invested 35 million dollars in our storage, I don't think they are looking to move data off site".
MediMizer, Inc. has polled hospitals many years, and we have found up to now, Microsoft SQL Server is the preferred method of storing data.  Sites also have Oracle but find SQL more affordable.
More and more, our users are storing data on virtual servers.  I am wondering if SQL and virtual servers will become more like the cloud in allowing secure commands to cross the entire structure, making it easier to gather data from many sources without compromising security.
MediMizer will be keeping an eye on new storage technology and how we can take advantage of it.

MediMizer Software is attending an October 25th 2014 symposium presented by the Healthcare Technology Management Association of the Mid-West, formerly the Kansas City Biomedical Society.  Held at the Crowne Plaza in Downtown Kansas City, MO, they will offer educational classes for technicians and managers, a lunchtime keynote speaker and ample opportunity to socialize with other Healthcare Technology Professionals from the Greater Kansas City area.  More information at: http://www.kcbiomed.org/event-1716841#sthash.GQWHWSxU.dpuf

MediMizer joined leaders from Accruent (Formerly Four Rivers TMS), AIMS, Mainspring (formerly St. Croix WOSYS) on a panel to answer questions about changes in CMMS platforms.  Topics and comments included user groups, model-based data, manufacturer inspection checklists, integration with SAP, SQL and other vendors, training, employee retention, risk evaluation, HIPAA, end-user interfaces, customization, reporting, working paperless and barcode scanning.  The discussion was very well moderated with most questions coming from the audience. [Returned for 2015 Summit]

Gus Sakis, Vice President Sales will be presenting a session on CMMS Interface Past-Present-Future.  This class will focus on the evolution of linking CMMS to other apps like test equipment, bar coding, RTLS, etc.   MediMizer will also have a table for presentation of our products.  The GBIS event is at Southern Regional Emory Healthcare Network Member, Riverdale, GA. August 15-16, 2014.  More information on theGeorgia Biomedical Instrumentation Association site, https://gbis.wildapricot.org/

MediMizer will be showing Web Dashboard and Reporting, MediMizer Online and new test equipment interfaces at the MD Expo Show in Las Vegas.  Meet Tonya from Support and Gus, VP Sales and Marketing.

MediMizer, Inc. will be holding their 2014 MediMizer User Group at the Crowne Plaza, Redondo Beach California, March 17th and 18th. Please budget for someone to attend and represent your interests and ideas.  Our group hotel rate is $139 a night including two lunches and Monday night dinner.  This hotel is at the beach, with 85% of rooms having an ocean view.  Transportation to the airport (7 miles) is $15.
300 N. Harbor Dr. Redondo Beach, CA. 90277

User Group Plans
Tentative Plans, Please send us any subjects you would like to have covered…..
* Show and discuss new MediMizer Dashboards Reporting tools.
* Future software interfaces.
* Discuss - Devices, Where do you want to compute, Paperless, Your vision for information.
* Discussion of compliance changes including Joint Commission, DNV, ISO and how MediMizer is affected and can be used as a tool.
* Show New Features that are already in MediMizer.
Vendors Present:
Rigel Medical
USOC Medical
Pronk Technologies
Datrend Systems
Other MediMizer, Inc. plans
* Continue our growth and sales
* Development of new features our users have wanted
* Training coast to coast and throughout the world
* Continuing our dedication to the biomedical industry
* Attending AAMI and CMIA shows
* Membership in local biomedical societies
* Continuing improvements to our web site.

MediMizer Staff are attending CMIA (California Medical Instrumentation Association) in Sacramento, CA. We will be demonstrating MediMizer Web on the iPad Mini, iPad and ultralight tablet.
Also available to view is the new MediMizer 13.4 release, iRequestManager user web requests and MobileTech. CMIA is one of the largest biomedical societies in the United States.

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