MediMizer Overview

The Software System That Effectively Manages Biomedical Equipment

For more than 30 years MediMizer has been helping medical equipment technicians accurately monitor safety, performance and preventive maintenance inspections. The system’s design is based on clinical environment business rules, providing a systematic, managerial approach to quality control and risk management.

MediMizer is also a powerful resource for asset management, offering outside service modules, user-defined risk management and convenient field set-up. The flexibility of the system allows for use with or without a hand-held computer.

MediMizer offers a robust database server, mobile devices, powerful advanced searches and compliance reporting out of the box.

  • Quick Entry Work Orders
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Internet Work Requests
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • LAN or WAN
  • Crystal Reports® Reporting Tool
  • Batch Work Orders
  • Usage-Based Scheduling
  • Area Scheduling
  • User-Defined Inspection Types
  • Field Set-Up
  • medTester® / Datrend® / Fluke Ansur® Compatible


Scheduling is automatic when equipment is added. A Quick Entry form allows for entry of equipment, work orders and tasks on one screen. Equipment can be moved from one facility to another facility. Equipment and Systems can be linked to a parent equipment item.

Work Orders

Inspections done early count as complete and on time for compliance. A preempted work order counts as complete and on time for compliance. When creating a scheduled work order, it will automatically default to the correct week or month. Quick Entry Power Add creates work orders for every piece of equipment in a System at one time. Quick Entry Power Close will close a batch of work orders in one step.


Inspections can be run for any given month or week, receiving only inspections due for that period. An inspection can be automatically generated based on usage. Float can accurately be scheduled in months or years. Provides the ability to exclude seasonal inspection schedules in Plant Operations.


Provides ready-to-print Safety Committee and Compliance reports. Provides an advanced search that allows for filtered browses using multiple search criteria and searching on virtually any field, allowing for easy printing of custom reports. Send reports in PDF, Word, Excel or e-mail.

Data Conversion

For those currently using other software programs, MediMizer features a data migration tool that converts data to an SQL Server format. The Conversion Process ensures that your database goes cleanly to MediMizer’s SQL Server Database.

MediMizer Devices

​MediMizer works with many devices including iPad, Android devices, Windows Mobile, medTester, Datrend vPad, iPhone 7, Windows tablets running Windows 7 or Windows 10 using Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome. Ask about other devices or ask for full system requirements.​