medTester 5000C Interface

MediMizer to medTester* interface
MediMizer interface syncs with Fluke medTester 5000C.  This classic test device is still popular because of its great design.
  • MediMizer check procedures support autosequences, medTester commands for direct programming of the medTester and pass/fail procedures.
  • In the MediMizer medTester interface, the right work order is closed when a control number is entered because we embed the work order number in the medTester data.
  • If you use medTester with Sentinel, we can migrate 100% of your data.
  • Our Add Equipment procedure presents ALL fields, not only 5.   Complete data entry can be done in the field.  An incoming inspection work order is opened and closed with checks specific to the equipment type added.
  • You can work on the same work order using our web work order interface and the medTester at the same time.  Test and fail with the medTester.  Enter notes and specify parts on the web interface.  All information appears in one history record.
  • You can choose to send all data or any set of data to the medTester.  Send one of your accounts or site or any group of accounts/sites.  Filter by a number of key fields.
  • Sync much faster at 19200 baud, completing the entire sync in one process.  Data is first read and then new data is written to the medTester.
  • All compliance data can be recorded on the medTester and later reported or filtered in MediMizer.  How many times did a specific check fail and by what measure?  You will know because MediMizer does not just put the data into a text file.
  • The technician decides whether to close a work order based on the status.  No longer do you have to risk automatic decisions which may not be right.
  • Option to remove excess lines from results.  You no longer need to store blank lines, unanswered lines or unnecessary headers.
  • Data with problems such as incorrect dates or missing data can be reviewed in our review process.  We present issues one by one to be fixed.  It is also an option to review good data before saving to look for typos or mistakes.
  • Option to load directly from file.  MediMizer keeps all data so it can be reviewed or synced again.  This makes it unnecessary to directly repair MUP files.
  • Add service work orders in the field using the Add Work Order function.
  • Add services to any work order using the Add Service function.
  • MediMizer support staff are familiar with medTester functions and use.  We have supported medTester for 2+ decades.
  • The correct procedure is sent based on model, equipment type and other factors.  New requirements under CMS and TJC to perform manufacturer based procedures can be complied with.
  • Sync equipment with or without check procedures.  This option allows standard procedures to be run from the medTester menu.
  • Inspections can be send quarterly, semi-annually, annually, based on a floating schedule or by many other optional inspection strategies.
  • MediMizer reports include barcode which can be used with a medTester barcode scanner to enter control numbers and other data.
*medTester is a trademark of Fluke Biomedical.   Your medTester might show Dynatech Nevada or DNI Nevada, which was one of the original producers.  Contact Fluke for the module 10 conduit upgrade software.