MediMizer combines years of features in a new Mobile Suite

MediMizer is bringing all its powerful tools for effective medical equipment management now to Mobile Suite.

May 30, 2022

MediMizer Software formerly MediMizer Inc. was founded by an independent service company in 1983. Concerned about the lack of infrastructure and asset management tools within hospitals, they developed the leading and most comprehensive CMMS for clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, facilities, and biomedical service companies that provide services to hospitals. The staff that developed MediMizer Software understands the needs of clinical and field engineers to maintain their equipment and hospital infrastructure, which is why they developed a range of special products for the correct and easy management of medical equipment. Among the products that MediMizer developed, you will find online work requests, cloud reporting and inspections, easy-to-use maintenance scheduling and work order processing, built-in reporting, and parts inventory. Now, MediMizer brought its most complete desktop version to the new MediMizer Mobile Suite, a web version of MediMizer Software, which includes all the powerful features without the need for a client installation.

Among the features that you can find in MediMizer Mobile Suite, the following stand out:
· Successful migration from your current CMMS
· Easy implementation
· Advanced and better searches, new features
· Quick access to all functions
· Great inventory system for equipment and parts
· Safety Committee Reporting
· Mobile Work Orders, including costs, evidence, manuals, etc.
· Mobile Work Requests, generate work requests from anywhere in the hospital
· Scan your assets via barcode
· Costs of labor and parts used in your work order
· Billing system via QuickBooks
· Integrations with RTLS, iOT, PartsSource, OneSource, Test Equipment

MediMizer Online:
· SaaS
· Always up-to-date
· Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day
· Runs on a HITRUST certified secure server
· Redundant real-time backups at a separate secure location
· One periodic cost

MediMizer On-Premise:
· No client install if using Mobile Suite
· Use anywhere on your intranet
· Optional secure exposure to internet

For more information or a DEMO, please contact us:
9920 Pacific Heights Blvd., Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92121

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