Using iRequestManager (iRM), users can quickly and easily generate work requests from anywhere in a hospital. Work requests can be sent to cell phones, email, or printers. Upon approval, the requests are automatically converted to work orders, with no additional data entry time. Email messages are then sent to the requester, confirming receipt of the work requests and requesters are kept informed on status of work. iRM is available as a web-based system.

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The flexibility of iRM allows for customization to meet your facilities needs

  • Configure the names of tables and fields, e.g., “Control #” could be called “Red Tag ID”
  • Configure which work request fields are shown and which are required
  • Customize instructions and other text that appears on the screen
  • Add your logo on the web portal pages

iRM works with both email and paging

  • A requester can be informed of work request status email, e.g., request accepted, completed, etc.
  • When a Work Request is approved, it can be emailed to the assigned technician and/or sent to a text pager
  • iRM uses standard SMTP or MAPI e-mail protocols to send both email and text pages
  • Does not require a modem or TAP paging protocol

iRequestManager features enhanced security

  • Can disable “Guest” (i.e., anonymous) login to work request web portal
  • Can require all Requesters to register for an account
  • Can approve applications for work request login accounts
  • Can lock out specific requesters
  • Can set password required strength, i.e., minimum length, use of digits and punctuation, etc.
  • Can limit Requester to just the Facilities they work in
  • Can allow certain requesters (e.g., managers) to approve their own requests and automatically generate work orders

With iRequestManager Features, work can be requested
by clicking on link on our intranet portal

  • Work can be requested by clicking on link on web portal
  • Submit a request or view a request
  • Increase the quality of your data and automate the service process

The steps of using iRequestManager


iRequestManager Configuration and Customization

iRequestManager for MediMizer

iRequestManager Work Order Request System