MediMizer interfaced to PartsSource ePartsFinder - September 20th, 2017

MediMizer,Inc. announces an interface to ePartsFinder in the PartsSource online catalog. Users of MediMizer can initiate a PartsSource order through the MediMizer Work Order screen. They will also be able to review and access the ePartsFinder portal directly from MediMizer to buy, track and receive parts.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our users to improve their process for parts ordering” said Gus Sakis, Vice President of Sales for MediMizer. “I think back to how it used to be many years ago. You would search history for the part number. You’d call and leave messages to find the best price. It might take an hour or days. With this technology you can get results in seconds”.

The benefits of this interface to MediMizer users will be to manage service contracts more effectively. The ability to capture and analyze the cost and type of replacement parts in one place will save time and money. The procurement process will be reduced, no longer requiring wasted time calling several parts suppliers and internet searches to find the best deal. PartsSource patented algorithm search engine technology removes the need for this time consuming effort on the part of technicians by searching 1000’s of parts suppliers and returning a list of up to 16 optional parts a user may choose from. MediMizer’s interface will automatically store the data in the parts file and work order eliminating duplicate data entry. This data will also be available for analysis and reporting.

MediMizer,Inc. is based in Encinitas, CA. For a video demonstration and more information Contact Us.

PartsSource, Inc. is based in Aurora, Ohio. For information visit the PartsSource catalog site< .

Gus Sakis
Vice President Sales
Office 760-642 2001

Atul Gawande on end-of-life choices - October 7th, 2014

Jon Stewart interviewed Atul Gawande on this book “Being Mortal”.  Gawande reports that a group of cancer patients choosing palliative care at end of life lived 25% longer than those choosing more severe medical care.  The study was of stage 4 lung cancer patients.  The discussion of end-of-life tradeoffs started with the statement that 17% of people die at home and most die in other institutions.  There was some mention of his previous book, “Checklist Manifesto” which sounds like a book we need to pick up.  The importance of planning medical checklists can be and will be followed is important.

Hospital-acquired infections - August 2nd, 2013

In the United States alone, hospital borne illnesses reach to more than 1.7 million and 99,000 of them die every year. In Europe, nosocomial infections result to 2/3 of their 25,000 annual deaths. Severe nosocomial illnesses vary from bloodstream infections, UTI and pneumonia. And since many of their causative bacteria are antibiotic resistant like the gram-negative types, they can be hard to manage. However, it is interesting to note that 1/3 of hospital borne diseases can be prevented.